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Link Description gb Official English Stakenet Site
XSN Explorer gb Official explorer of the blockchain. Other tools: Trezor wallet management and MN / POS reward calculator
Stakenet Cloud gb Website of the cloud for staking and using MNaaS
Utility-Seite zu XSN gb Unofficial page with information about Masternode, Stakting and Lightning-Nodes
X9-Developers gb The people behind X9
Coingecko en Stakenet at Coingecko
Stakenet Reddit gb Reddit-Channel
Ankündigung Bitcointalk gb Bitcointalk thread to announce XSN / Stakenet


Link Description
stakenetofficial gb Official English Channel
StakenetUpdates gb Official English announcement and update channel
Stakenet_XSN_German de at ch Unofficial German channel.
stakenetunofficial gb Unofficial Commnunity News Kanal
stakenetXSNru ru Telegram Russian
Stakenet_XSN_French fr Telegram French
Stakenet_vietnam vn Telegram Vietnamese
Stakenet_XSN_NL nl Telegram Dutch
stakenetBrPt br pt Telegram Portuguese
Stakenet_XSN_Italy it Telegram Italian
Stakenet_XSN_Spanish es Telegram Spanish
Stakenet_Turkish tr Telegram Turkish


Link Description
Github X9 gb XSN developers' Github repo
XSN gb Github repo of the Core-Wallet
Hydra gb Github repo of the Hydra SmartChain (HSC)
WEB UI gb Github repo of the WEB-UI
Block Explorer gb Github Repo of the blcok explorer