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Collected information and sources about the Stakenet project.

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January 2022

Mon, 01/24/2022
A new DEX-feedback page

A big thanks to community member @Sadhill!

He has put up a great webpage, where the community can easily report and track issues & requests regarding the DEX in real-time.

To access the website, please visit:

Here is a recap of the content you can find of the new website:

Home page:

Summary of the website, information about where to find your logs, and a non-exhaustive list of the active tickets.

Report a bug page:

Some guidelines/extra info when you report a bug, the different categories, known exploitation to help you take the right one, and finally the form.

Required fields are marked by an asterisk. You can upload files with your report too. A maximum of 4 files are allowed, each of them has a size restriction of 2MB max.

Dashboard page:

See all tickets alongside the one under DEX manager validation. You will be able to filter the issue list by type (bug/feature), statuses, and categories. You can also see the whole by clicking on ALL.

Feature request page:

The different categories known are broken down to help you make the right one when submitting your feature request and the specific form to submit a request.

Required fields are marked by an asterisk. You can uploads files like images or drawings if you think that will help. A maximum of 4 files are allowed and each of them has a size restriction of 2MB max.


1. When you report a bug or submit a feature request, your ticket will be marked as TO VALIDATE, meaning it will not appear anywhere except on the dashboard page under the filter TO VALIDATE. After the DEX manager approves it and marks it as OPEN, it will be visible everywhere.

2. When clicking on Details on a ticket card, you will be redirected to the ticket page. There, you will have a detailed view of the information provided. However, only the trusted community-task-force member will have access to the Attachments section to be able to view/download log files/screenshots.

Sat, 01/22/2022
Latest Stakenet ⚡ Dex Update: 4.4.2
Changelog for Version 4.4.2

Released on: 2022-01-19

* Fixed deployment fees payment process.
* Fix the slider getting stuck when moving slider with small amounts.
* Fixed max rental amount issue.
* Fixed close rental channel icon from being hidden on some screens.
* Improved channel rentals usage as per ticket #226.
Wed, 01/19/2022
Stakenet: 2021 Recap

As we finalize our plans for 2022, we wanted to take a little time to recap our journey over the course of 2021 and appreciate some of the milestones we were able to accomplish. Please see the following for a brief "Stakenet: 2021 Recap".

Thank you all for your continued support of this project, and a special thanks to our community supporters who have assisted in many forms. We're excited about the coming year, and looking forward to the next phase of development in the Stakenet ecosystem!

Sat, 01/15/2022
New Partnership with Wolves of Alt Street

to coincide with the announcement of our bridge aggregator (coming soontm!), we'd like to announce our engagement with the discord group, Wolves of Alt Street!

Wolves of alt street is a newb-friendly crypto community that works to inform, excite and engage new and old investors alike to bring about a more inviting ecosystem to service the confusion of the increasingly complex Blockchain world. WoAS is a booming group of ~13k crypto investors who are all excited to help each other, participate in community events and showcase their favorite services, chains and coins/tokens in a relaxed and inviting environment..

We are very excited to have them as a promotions sponsor, and are happy to share our progress/development with a knowledgeable community who can offer feedback and help share our message with the broader crypto world!

Also, thanks especially to our community (you know who you are!) for bringing this opportunity to us, and helping us negotiate & fund this community-sourced engagement! We are very grateful for all community contributions - whatever form they come in.

Fri, 01/14/2022
V1 PoC of our first WEB3 product "HYDRA BRIDGE" has been deployed!

Below is a brief summary, live demo links + instructions on how to test. The developer @rimatik007 and Project Manager @ZK will be available to answer any questions/comments in our discord via an AMA hydra-bridge-ama . We will also have dedicated testing channels for this software as well

This product is a bridge aggregator having one front end UI, the user selects what assets they want to bridge, our software will calculate the fastest + cheapest option and our custom smart contract trustlesslyroutes the user safely to the optimal path (think 1inch of bridges)

This initial demo is running on testnet (instructions below), and is using 2 bridge options to select from atm (Polygon POS, and HOP)

We are working to launch live contracts for real world testing in 1-2 weeks and adding a 3rd option on the backend in approx 1-2 months (considering either synapse or anyswap)

Get goerli $ETH:
Mint $USDC:
Mon, 01/10/2022
Seeking all translatooooors! 🌎

Anyone interested in supporting the MCLW by offering translation services for prompts, labels, headers, etc. please reach out to @King of Stake Kilppari or @StakeKnight of "Ni" Victo at Discord:

Bounty: 2k XSN to be shared/split among those who are interested in helping (to start; depending on success there are opportunities to increase the allotment).

This is a somewhat larger undertaking for our task force, and as such, they will also obviously be receiving compensation according to milestone completion as well as full completion of additional language features.

Stay tuned for milestone announcements regarding this translation initiative, and thank you for your continued support!

December 2021

Fri, 12/31/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡ Dex Update: 4.4.1
Changelog for Version 4.4.1

Released on : 2021-12-31

* Added regex check for symbols on password creation.
* Fixed zeromq package linking.
* Changed order of welcome screens.
* Fixed dex chart issue on windows.
* Disabled apply button when L2 not active.
* Fixed close confirmation popup.

* Fixed balance hide function.

* Fixed channel updates and announcements process.

Tue, 12/21/2021
We are pleased to announce that a number of community supporters have come forward to offer bug bounties!

Any community contributors interested can earn 100 XSN per bugfix if said fix is merged with the master branch and delivered securely. You can see the "BUGPOT" address here: 7d7JGTecz3AhZszPjZFuGvN8gF2AFddM6Z

As the pot grows, we may revisit current bug bounties - stay tuned for future announcements!

If you have the skills and interest in helping support the DEX, we invite you to come and join the Community task force where bugs and requests are pulled from the community's reports.

To complement this sponsored activity, we are announcing bi-weekly (every other week) bug tracking reports! This activity confirms another of the transparency goals that we are working towards to open up the dev processes to the community as a whole.

Bugs/fixes will be broken down into the following categories:
- HIGH Priority: Wallet send/channel creation/rental/closure/swap issues (These include L1 send issues and anything to do with in-wallet LND and Connext issues, including swap issues in core DEX swaps)
- MEDIUM Priority: Non-impacting/Secondary Priority issues (These include UI bugs, SSUI/AMM BOT issues, and other bugs that are not integral to the core DEX wallet or swap functions)

- LOW Priority: Feature Requests (Each of these is tied to UI requests and/or feature recommendations)

Once again, if you have the skills and interest in helping the team, please feel free to reach out to our community organizers, StakeKnight of "Ni" Victo or Gainz at Discord:

Thank you all! We very much appreciate the community support!

Fri, 12/17/2021
We are excited to announce one of the transparency targets for development of the Stakenet DEX: the multi-currency lite wallet source code has been made open source!

This was done in the spirit of allowing for more verifiable evidence of progress being made on the Stakenet DEX, as well as empowering community contributions to the project.

We feel this is a positive first step in progressing the MCLW client into a known stable configuration, as well as show progress against identified high-priority issues that impact core functionality of the DEX.

You can find the Github to the light wallet here:

In addition, we have already had several community members offer to assist in contributing to bug-fixes and other minor updates; if you have developer experience and would like to assist as well, we welcome your input! Please reach out to @StakeKnight of "Ni" Victo or @gainz to discuss how to get involved.

Thank you all for your continued support of the project, and we hope to have more updates on development progress for you soon!
Mon, 12/13/2021
Stakenet Presents: 12 Days of Stakenet DEX

Sat, 12/11/2021
(Minor) Roadmap update!
We have moved now to "Completed":*
- Stakenet Wallet

- Stakenet DEX: Stage 01 - GAIA

We have also updated and its resources:
- added DEX FAQ:
- added YT tutorials

- added "Guides" tab

And enabled now "Stakenet DEX" at "Products" dropdown menu. More updates will be published in the next weeks.
Fri, 12/10/2021

The wallet is now available to everyone at

You can find Video tutorials here:

More guides can be found here: #dex-guides

What's working and can be considered stable?
- Multicurrency light wallet: send, store, and receive BTC, LTC, XSN, ETH, USDT, USDC

- send and receive BTC, LTC, XSN via L2

What's not completely stable yet?
- DEX swaps: swaps may fail as it's not bugfree

- moving ETH off-chain

What's coming next?
- fix occurring issues
- add simple swap UI (SSUI)
- add more tokens, coins, and pairs
- chainswap to ERC-20
- add AMM tab (Vortex)

- add Dashboard tab


We are doing more investigating to figure out how often and why this happens at this time.

Read more here:
Fri, 12/10/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.3.8 (closed beta).
Changelog for Version 4.3.8

Released on 2021-12-08

* Rental fees increased.
* Rentals limited to 500$.
* Changed ETH slider logic to work for deposits only.
* SSUI hidden for now.

* ETH hub is now funded - rentals live again.

* Place order limited to 100$.
* LTC/BTC pair moved to coming soon as per request.
* BTC on hub should be stable now.
Thu, 12/09/2021
en en en en
Getting closer to the beta release of Stakenet MCLW and DEX, we want to publish some guides which might help you: 👇🏼
- Stakenet DEX: Quick Guide
- Stakenet DEX: Detailed guide
- Stakenet DEX: Temporary workarounds
- Stakenet DEX: FAQ
(also available now at:
Thu, 12/09/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.3.7 (closed beta).
Changelog for Version 4.3.7

Released on 2021-12-08

* Small fixes to pathfinding.
Wed, 12/08/2021
New Medium Article: Stakenet, Lightning, Connext & more
Wed, 12/08/2021
As we approach the public release of the Stakenet DEX to allow a wider audience to participate in its ever evolving progress, we want to highlight what to expect from the get go 👇

The upcoming release is a late-stage beta wallet which will receive constant updates based on user feedback. This allows you to put your own input in throughout this journey!

As it's a late-stage beta, we do expect there could be potential bugs or crashes so if you come across this then let us know so we can get it fixed.

We invite everyone to see the progress we have made on this wallet and its DEX component. We appreciate all of the contributions from the Stakenet community! Especially on the multicurrency light wallet.

This has been a massive journey to create an easy to use Layer 1 & 2 wallet, with a great UI and multi-chain functionality and we're not finished yet! So keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Want to take a sneak peek of what's to come? Check out this community made video here:
Wed, 12/08/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.3.5 & 4.3.6 (closed beta).
Changelog for Version 4.3.5

Released on 2021-12-08


* Fixed eth slider crash.

* Added extended sync for graph state.

Sat, 12/04/2021
Current XSN Voting & Governance is underway!
For those who hold XSN Masternodes make sure to cast your votes via our blockchain DAO & governance platform via your MN controller wallet cli.


gobject vote-many 073834e860bc03b6ccfe80c756aa0d115773b3ce929b4ac90bc997c775a10fa2 funding yes

gobject vote-many bb1eab0751213b9c3fee6a664847779b485f2402f52b9f8f5df11adbbd0de043 funding yes


gobject vote-many 073834e860bc03b6ccfe80c756aa0d115773b3ce929b4ac90bc997c775a10fa2 funding no

gobject vote-many bb1eab0751213b9c3fee6a664847779b485f2402f52b9f8f5df11adbbd0de043 funding no

If you want to have a short summary of what happened in November at Stakenet, read more here:

XSN governance + treasury is designed to last forever into the life of the project. Long after developers/leadership change, masternode owners (MN’s) & those who have the most “stake” can continue to fund & support development.⚡
Fri, 12/03/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.3.2, 4.3.3 & 4.3.4 (closed beta).
Changelog for Version 4.3.4
Released on: 2021-12-03

* Fixed slider crashes

* Fixed ltc channel closing.

* Fixed ltc backend

* Fixed place order issue due wrong fee
Changelog for Version 4.3.3
Released on: 2021-12-01

* Fixed crash on startup

* Fixed channel opening
Changelog for Version 4.3.2
Released on: 2021-12-01
* Fixed crash on startup
Fri, 12/03/2021
Twitter AMA
Fri, 12/03/2021
Stakenet: Monthly Recap — November
Wed, 12/01/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.3.1 (closed beta).
Changelog for Version 4.3.1

Released on: 2021-11-30

* Fixed slider.

* Fixed orderbook loading issue.

* Fixed lnd crashes on start.

November 2021

Sun, 11/28/2021
We have finished the testing of the #Hydra governance UI with some #masternode owners (thanks to you guys)!🐍 This will enable a graphic user interface, so every Hydra node owner can easily vote via smart contracts and create proposals.

Sat, 11/27/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.3.0 (closed beta).
Changelog for Version 4.3.0

* Added functionality to pay connext deployment fees.

* Fixed multiple sync issues, uploaded new version.
* Fixed issue with historical spend dispatch.
Sat, 11/27/2021
At the"Completed" section for 2021, you can find now:
- Stakenet Explorer 2.0
- Stakenet DEX: Connext integration

- Stakenet Wallet: ETH + ERC20 token support

At "In progress" we have updated:
- Stakenet DEX: Stage 01 - GAIA: 80% => 95%
- Stakenet Wallet: 95% => 99%
- Stakenet Wallet: Simple Swap UI: 90% => 95%
- Stakenet DEX: Web UI: 50 => 60%
- Stakenet Wallet: Vortex: 25% => 60%
- Stakenet DEX: Stage 02 - Prometheus: 20%

- Stakenet DEX: Stage 03 - HYDRA: 10%

For our big upcoming Stakenet network Hydra update, we have also added the goals we are currently working on:
- Chain swap: 30%
- Arbitrum integration: 30%
- Hydra governance: 70%

- Stakenet foundation: 75%

We have also updated many texts all over the website and will continue to work on it. Once the Stakenet multicurrency light wallet and Stakenet DEX have been released, we will move the related goals to "Completed" too.

Sat, 11/20/2021
BTC Liquidity Benefits on the Stakenet DEX - medium article
Wed, 11/17/2021
We are announcing a Twitter AMA, hosted by community member @___spiral____ !⚡️You can submit your questions now about our upcoming @StakenetDEX , #offchain technology, and more at #twitter-ama in Discord! The selected question will be answered on Twitter on 3rd December 2021.
Sun, 11/14/2021
#5 DEXember - listen here to the latest Off The Chain episode! (english Podcast)

Fri, 11/12/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.9 (closed beta).

Changelog for Version 4.2.9 Released on: 2021-11-12

* Blured Dex page when swap is in progress.

* Fixed issue with mouse area being only few pixels on can receive text

* Added missing icon new Lock wallet menu item.
* Fixed typo at changing L2 clients popup.
* Added copy button for generate seed page.

* On verify seed phrase page highlighting next item after filling current one.

* Fixed multiple issues, uploaded new version.
Tue, 11/09/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.8 (closed beta).

Changelog for Version 4.2.8


* Fixed duplicates in history trades view.

* Created new UI for creating wallet and restoring from seed.

*Fixed Changelog

* Upgraded to new version.
* Fixed open channel issue.

Sat, 11/06/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.7 (closed beta).

Changelog for version 2.4.7:


* Fixed duplicates in history trades view.

* Created new UI for creating wallet and restoring from seed.
* Fixed hide function in wallet tab.

* Fixed terms and conditions tick box at MacOS

* Upgraded to new version

October 2021

Sun, 10/31/2021
Please check our latest StakenetDEX DAO proposal!👇 - Open beta

1. Tasks: Conduct stress tests with closed beta users; finish UI and improve UX; fix occurring lnd, client, and swap issues; publish guides and further documentation.

2. Purpose: Ensure accessibility, scalability, and stability for a public release.

3. Budget: 40k XSN

4. Participants: Rosty, Winnie, Jo Park, s54

5. Timeline (delivery target): 10th of December 2021

6. Place of delivery: public downloadable DEX at Github

Sun, 10/31/2021
Thanks to over 200 $XSN community members who joined our Livestream of Stakenet DEX today! 🥳

Check the video out here, including a live AMA, live demo of the wallet and DEX tabs, swaps, channel openings, and more:

PS: Sorry for the bad audio quality, will try to improve it next time! It was working better in the test stream.

Sat, 10/30/2021
You can find the upcoming Livestream of @StakenetDEX now here
Fri, 10/29/2021
Stakenet: Monthly Recap — October
Fri, 10/29/2021
Current XSN Voting & Governance is underway! ⚡️
We have organized and consolidated some major targets ahead. Specifically working on a roadmap for what we see is important tech ahead (see #2: rollups (arbitrum) + DeFi 2.0 tech i.e "protocol owned liquidity"
Target 1. Native BTC staking pools — Using our cross-chain DEX technology and wallet to deploy first-ever native BTC staking (by providing BTC-WBTC, BTC-STABLE, BTC-ETH liquidity via locking in LN + connext channels )
Target 2. SV3 (stakenet V3) - Upgrading/ Migrating Stakenet to EVM contracts, arbitrum partners + EVM dapps. Progress is going well, will have more specific news and updates on this as we develop further
For those who hold XSN Masternodes make sure to cast your votes via our blockchain DAO & governance platform via your MN controller wallet cli.
gobject vote-many 1d9fad70caa2a1a3ad98415c13177c7e22abab611398d341d33cbab48c715ee3 funding yes
gobject vote-many 9e20ff6a3fc65ffb51c522878d420c32a9c6ee3fbb2709d80b4afa1171bb4848 funding yes
gobject vote-many 1d9fad70caa2a1a3ad98415c13177c7e22abab611398d341d33cbab48c715ee3 funding no
gobject vote-many 9e20ff6a3fc65ffb51c522878d420c32a9c6ee3fbb2709d80b4afa1171bb4848 funding no
Fri, 10/29/2021
We invite you to join our upcoming YouTube Livestream! Subscribe now to our YT channel and get ready to join us on 5 pm CET 31st of October!
Mon, 10/25/2021
First take, best take - listen here to the latest Off The Chain episode! (english Podcast)

Sat, 10/23/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.6 (closed beta).


* Enabled rental extensions for btc,ltc,xsn channels.
* Fixed issue with incorrect eth tx amounts.
* Fixed warning for unknown error on tx send.
* Added connext rental extensions W/O eth as paying currency.
* Added transfer timeout to free coins quicker from locked balance in connext.
* Fixed missing USD balance in hide balance function.
* Added warning message when trying move slider to the left.
* Fixed issue with slider when trying to open smaller channel than min capcaity.

* Fixed issue on Portfolio tab with percentage column.


* Added new trade button after successful swap.


* Fixed duplicates in history trades view.

* Increased time of warning messages being shown at bottom.


* Fixed OSX build.
* Fixed Linux build.
Tue, 10/19/2021
CEX Delisting: Beaxy
We have come to a delisting agreement with Beaxy.

Please reach out to their support team as soon as possible, so they can send you any $XSN coins in their custody before the 31st October 2021 cut-off date they have set.

Fri, 10/15/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.5 (closed beta).

Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: v.4.2.5 (closed beta):

- add channel creation info
- fix hide function
- fix dex UI bug
- set "predictive" as default
- enable password again
- add channel reserve info
- add warning when closing the DEX
- add a tickbox at terms and conditions
- add missing texts on "capacity" and" duration" when renting a channel
- fix empty settings tab
Sun, 10/10/2021
The latest episode of Off The Chain is live! 🎙️🥳
Sun, 10/10/2021
Stakenet is hiring!
Our team is hiring! Senior EVM smart contract developers interested in layer 2 scaling can reach out direct on discord or via with past work/ experience
We look forward to partnering and strengthening the team ahead

Fri, 10/08/2021
⚡️@StakenetDEX update:⚡️
- two days ago we had a breakthrough at ETH <> #BTC swaps and debugged a major issue (we had an internal build specifically for this test) 🥳 => a new closed beta build is aimed for the end of this week (including the swap fix and other improvements)
- devs are also working on the updated channel creations & rentals system, furthermore extending channel rentals (see for more info: #dao-proposal-beta at our Discord server)
- we have received the first version of the welcome & info screens.
Sun, 10/03/2021
We got covered in a 20 minutes long video by CryptoBull!⚡️

September 2021

Thu, 09/30/2021
Monthly recap september

Sat, 09/25/2021
The Second "Off The Chain"-podcast episode is live now! ⚡️

1 Intro

2 Bitcoin and Lightning Network news:

- El Salavador: Starbucks, McDonald's etc. accept Lightning payments & > 1.6 Million user onboarded (
- Paxful adds Lightning Network (
- LN breaks +2800 BTC (in public nodes) (
- Connext will add Arbitrum: getting off-chain will become x10 cheaper (see Stakenet Ann channel)
- Arbitrum and Solana crashed => eg Serum DEX wasn't usable for ~ 17 hours (
- Twitter adds Lightning payments (
- Rene Pickhardt gets grant from Bitmex (

- Useful newsletter: Coingecko (daily), Kraken (daily), Bitcoin op-tech (weekly), Lightning labs (monthly)

3 Stakenet news:

- Hydra smart contracts proposal
- DEX proposal

- Stakenet DEX feature: fees (no gas fees, failed trades, no frontrunning, read more here

4 Outro

Fri, 09/24/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.3 (closed beta).

Changelog for Version 4.2.3

Released on : 2021-09-24


* Small Ul impovements.

  • Backup UI is improved
  • start screen changed from stakenet => stakenet DEX
  • rescan erc-20 tokens give now the correct name
  • typo at channel rental fixed
  • added fee currency name when withdrawing
  • solved the logic issue when withdrawing erc-20 tokens
  • improved "update" info / warning
* Added missing eth to SSUI.
Tue, 09/21/2021
Our XSN Voting & Governance for September is underway! ⚡️

Our XSN Voting & Governance for September is underway! ⚡️

For those who hold XSN Masternodes make sure to cast your votes via our blockchain DAO & governance platform via your MN controller wallet cli.

gobject vote-many 2cfe5c13a32db9f0212fd79be3025ab2d8f19940f369cd4fcb551e04e1c54376 funding yes

gobject vote-many 4ab938db8a158e8bd00e64d7fd0ab1d70d9f99654332d106422abc0888015288 funding yes

gobject vote-many 2cfe5c13a32db9f0212fd79be3025ab2d8f19940f369cd4fcb551e04e1c54376 funding no

gobject vote-many 4ab938db8a158e8bd00e64d7fd0ab1d70d9f99654332d106422abc0888015288 funding no

This round is the first of our beta governance format (will move it on chain when we swap to EVM compatibility/ ERC-20)

- Can view the individual proposal summaries in our #dao-proposal-beta to see what specifically is being worked on

- We also have opened a #dao-proposal-discussion channel to act as a forum for community engagement

XSN governance + treasury is designed to last forever into the life of the project. Long after developers/leadership change, masternode owners (MN’s) & those who have the most “stake” can continue to fund & support development.⚡️

Wed, 09/15/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.2 (closed beta).

Changelog for Version 4.2.2

* Added restore button for connext channels.
* Small Ul impovements.
* Fixed issue with deposit on Ethereum.

* Fee refund should now work on keysend payments.


* Fixed typo on Assets tab.

* Changed BTC/ETH pair to ETH/BTC.
Tue, 09/14/2021
Team Update & Arbitrum

Team Update:

We have talked with Connext recently and they confirmed they will be adding Arbitrum support. This means fees should soon be ~10x less for our DEX (opening, closing channels) and make the UX a lot smoother on our side.

We’re going to focus on getting a working model with opening & closing connext channels via L1 now but channel creation/ close fees should go down dramatically when connext is on arbitral.

We support Arbitrum as it inherits the full security of ETH L1, with approx ~10X fewer fees using rollups

Here’s a great post from @s54 on more detail why we chose rollups. Let us know any questions!

“Rollups are great for the EVM ecosystem overall, as I feel the benefits of sharding/side chains are not worth the security tradeoffs, especially with current bridging solution complications.

Rollups allow for more direct leveraging of L1 security benefits while also offering many of the same cost benefits of side chains - and the best part is that with increased adoption comes increased efficiency.

So as Arbitrum scales the cost savings only get more attractive.

I'll also say that arbitral is a much preferable solution to optimism as it should incur fewer settlement disputes”

Tue, 09/07/2021
The first "Off The Chain" (demo) episode is live now! ⚡️

Our team member Jo Park will talk in a bi-weekly recap about Bitcoin, off-chain networks like Lightning Network, and also Stakenet DEX news.

Fri, 09/03/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️Dex Update: 4.2.1 (closed beta)

Changelog for Version 4.2.1

Released on : 2021-09-03
* Wallet
* Fixed problems with buttons overlapping for connext channels.
* Fixed issue with redundant message when swapping to channels tab in connext.
* Fixed issue with connext channels after turning connext off.
* Fixed issue with wrong slider calculations after moving slider more than once.
* Fixed issue with wrong capacity of channel when moving slider to 100%.
* Increased channel reserve for +5k sats for Ind assets.
Wed, 09/01/2021
Monthly recap for july and august

August 2021

Sun, 08/22/2021
Our XSN Voting & Governance for August is underway!⚡️

For those who hold XSN Masternodes make sure to cast your votes via our blockchain DAO & governance platform via your MN controller wallet cli.


`gobject vote many c68003396f293c303e7ccdac66d5a2ca88a73fe7a61a91aab0b5b6b9f950b9e4 funding yes` `gobject vote-many 57a3546a9d3293601979f4d613b6723ecdcddbf740a95a981c65c8f5d796c4ed funding yes`


`gobject vote many c68003396f293c303e7ccdac66d5a2ca88a73fe7a61a91aab0b5b6b9f950b9e4 funding no` `gobject vote-many 57a3546a9d3293601979f4d613b6723ecdcddbf740a95a981c65c8f5d796c4ed no`

This proposal is towards achieving roadmap targets

To encourage community DAO proposals our team has drafted a 6 point framework to follow which we believe will allow a speedy and efficient review. This will be at first off chain to test, if results are good we will consider a similar framework on chain

This month we encourage any/all interested to post their proposals in our #dao-proposals channel (at Discord We will consider funding up to 30k XSN on proposals that qualify

Proposal Framework. Character limit [1-2 sentences for each]

1. “Complete X Task/ event (what)
2. Purpose: How will this benefit the Stakenet ecosystem?
3. “Need Y Budget (ask)
4. “Participants involved/ payment address” (who)
5. “Timeline (delivery target)”
6. Where will this be delivered? I.e GitHub, socials, forums etc?

XSN governance + treasury is designed to last forever into the life of the project. Long after developers/leadership change, masternode owners (MN’s) & those who have the most “stake” can continue to fund & support development. ⚡️

Sat, 08/21/2021
Our closed beta testing our wallets "Simple Swap UI" feature This takes all the hard work out of the users hands and lets them swap on our Layer 2 #DEX with a single click of a button.
Thu, 08/19/2021
Our first trade has been executed for the $btc - $eth pair! #decentralized, #crosschain, non-custodial trading using #LightningNetwork and @ConnextNetwork layer 2 solutions!
Tue, 08/17/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.2.0 (closed beta).
Changelog for Version 4.2.0
Released on : 2021-08-16
• Wallet
* Fixed Ltc issue with missing balances.
• Fixed sync of Eth based transactions.
• Fixed send of Eth based transactions.
• Fixed paying currencies list for rentals.
• Added retry send button for eth based transcations.
• Limited Swap pairs to BTC/ETH, BTC/XSN , BTC/LTC LTC/XSN for pre-release
* Fixed Eth based swap issues.
• Fixed pair status for BTC/ETH.
Fixed rnarket order issues.
• Fully refactored SSUI to work with Eth pairs.
• Vortex
• Disabled Vortex tab for pre-release builds.

Tue, 08/10/2021
The first draft of the #Stakenet Foundation by-laws have been drafted by our lawyers/ legal team. Community feedback has been great thus far!

Thu, 08/05/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.1.36 (closed beta).

July 2021

Thu, 07/29/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park on Spotify (only in german) - Episode 9

Tue, 07/20/2021
New DEV-Update for Stakenet DEX, DEX Web UI and Hydra Govnernance

Tue, 07/13/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park (only in german) - Episode 8.

Fri, 07/09/2021
⚡ StakenetDEX Update
Fri, 07/09/2021
We want to give you an update about the Stakenet team and X9 devs
Mon, 07/05/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park (only in german) - Episode 7.
Mon, 07/05/2021
Governance-Voting for July 2021.

June 2021

Mon, 06/28/2021
Weekly DEV-Update
Sun, 06/27/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park (only in german) - Episode 6.
Sun, 06/27/2021
Stakenet: Monthly Recap - June

Thu, 06/24/2021
Tue, 06/22/2021
Masternode-as-a-Service (MNaaS) upgrade (and new price)
Mon, 06/21/2021
Congratulations to all the Stakenet Quiz winners!
Mon, 06/21/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.1.34 (closed beta).

Mon, 06/14/2021
Weekly DEV-Update
Mon, 06/14/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park (only in german) - Episode 5.
Sun, 06/13/2021
We want to finish the #Stakenetsvision series with a little goodie for you! 🥰 Participate in the community quiz and get the chance to grab some XSN: The best 20 best answers will get 75 $XSN each. 👀

Fri, 06/11/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.1.33 (closed beta).
Wed, 06/09/2021
How will #Layer2 & #Layer3 solutions impact the end-user crypto experience, and where does the @StakenetDEX fit into that future state? 🤔 Read more here in the final part of #Stakenetsvision
Mon, 06/07/2021
Weekly DEV-Update

Sat, 06/05/2021
We've improved the UI and taken it to a whole new level which is now live in the #StakenetDEX closed beta ⚡
Sat, 06/05/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park (only in german) - Episode 4.
Fri, 06/04/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.1.32 (closed beta).
Tue, 06/01/2021
Dear #Stakelords, we want to know your opinion again!🧐 With your help, we were able to learn the different aspects when using a #DEX. Now we want to know what topic exactly is relative important(5) to you and what isn't (1).⚡

May 2021

Mon, 05/31/2021
Weekly DEV Update

What we have achieved 💪:

- released an updated version of AMM UI

Current internal development👨‍💻:
- Preparing the launch of Hydra Chain testnet 🐍
- Closed Beta testing and debugging of AMM UI
- WEB DEX: backend
- updating the DEX UI
Mon, 05/31/2021
XSN Mandatory Wallet Update V1.0.28–31 May 2021

Sat, 05/29/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park on Spotify (only in german) - Episode 3
Fri, 05/28/2021
Latest Stakenet ⚡️ Dex Update: 4.1.31 (closed beta).
Thu, 05/27/2021
Stakenet: Monthly Recap - Mai.
Wed, 05/26/2021
Governance Voting for May 2021.
Tue, 05/25/2021
@X9Developers , the devs of @XSNofficial and @StakenetDEX , are currently ranked as the 2nd most active in the last twelve months according to Cryptomiso!
Mon, 05/24/2021
Weekly DEV Update
Mon, 05/24/2021
A new podcast from Jo Park on Spotify (only in german) - Episode 2

Sat, 05/22/2021
Our community has voted for their favourites in our latest competition!
Fri, 05/21/2021
Dear #Stakelords, we want to know your opinion! ⚡ What are the reasons to use a #decentralized exchange, why choosing a #DEX over a #CEX? Please fill out this form
Tue, 05/18/2021
A Medium article about the AMM UI.
Mon, 05/17/2021
Weekly DEV Update

Sat, 05/15/2021
The start of a new podcast from JoPark (only in german).
Tue, 05/11/2021
⚡Stakenet information campaign⚡ We know that Stakenet has many different facets which can become confusing to new people. That is why we challenge our community to help educate new #Stakelords.
Mon, 05/10/2021
Weekly DEV Update
Sun, 05/09/2021
📢 Another important milestone has been achieved: The implementation of the AMM UI v1 #vortex for @StakenetDEX in closed beta builds! ⚡️

Wed, 05/05/2021
Today we continue with Pt. 5 of our "Stakenet's vision" series!
Sun, 05/02/2021
🚨 ALERT 🚨 The XSN token created recently on Binance smart chain is a scam. There is no affiliation whatsoever with the Stakenet project. Anyone can mint a new token on ETH / BSC and such chains with no approval or verification!
Sun, 05/02/2021
Weekly DEV Update
Sun, 05/02/2021
📢The Stakenet NFT sale is now live on @Opensea!

April 2021

Tue, 04/27/2021
New Medium article: Stakenet’s vision: Part IV — Atomic vs Lightning swaps
Sun, 04/25/2021
Weekly DEV-Update

Fri, 04/23/2021
Stakenet: Monthly Recap - April.
Thu, 04/22/2021
📢 Today we are releasing updates and much-requested additions to our XSN Explorer: a Calculator for rewards
Wed, 04/21/2021
New medium article: Stakenet Layer 2 Wallet
Sun, 04/18/2021
Weekly DEV-Update

Tue, 04/13/2021
New medium article: Stakenet Layer 2 Wallet
Mon, 04/12/2021
📢 We are proud to release our new Explorer 2.0!
Sun, 04/11/2021
One @XSNofficial community member has created a portfolio tool where you can have an overview about your different $XSN addresses! ⚡

Thu, 04/08/2021
Stakenet foundation
Tue, 04/06/2021
New medium article: Stakenet’s vision: Part II —Breaking down the layers — Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3

March 2021

Tue, 03/30/2021
Preview pictures WebDEX
Mon, 03/29/2021
📢 We are happy to announce the first part of our upcoming series "Stakenet's vision" ! Today we start with part 1: DEX vs CEX⚡

Sat, 03/27/2021
Our $XSN Voting & Governance for April is underway! For those who hold XSN Masternodes make sure to cast your votes via our #blockchain DAO & governance platform⚡️
Fri, 03/26/2021
⚡️Our roadmap progress has been updated ⚡️
Wed, 03/24/2021
XSN/BTC pair now live on WhiteBit, head on over to the link below to start trading
Mon, 03/22/2021
Our dev team are making great progress with our DEX web interface! 🥳
Sun, 03/21/2021
📢 Our $XSN Core March dev update is out! Team has made key progress...